Ars Electronica 1979-2004 25 Jahre Netzwerk für Kunst, Technologie und Gesellschaft

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Edited by: Hannes Leopoldseder, Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker Texts by: Peter Higgins, Horst Hörtner, Hiroshi Ishii, Siegbert Janko, Hannes Leopoldseder, Wolfgang Winkler/Wolfgang Lehner, Gustav Pomberger, Scott Ritter, Itsuko Sakane, Christine Schöpf, Hans-Peter Schwarz, Gerfried Stocker German, English September 2004, 374 Pages, 540 Ills. Softcover 241mm x 169mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1525-6
Celebrating 25 Years of Ars Electronica , the oldest, largest, and most prominent art and technology festival in the world.

For twenty-five years, Ars Electronica has been an active force in the field of tension and interplay at the interface of art, technology and society. What began as an experiment in Linz, Austria in 1979 has become, over a quarter of a century, the arbiter of the state of the art in international media culture. Today, their specific orientation and long continuity make the Ars Electronica Festival, the Prix Ars Electronica, the Museum of the Future and the Ars Electronica Futurelab a globally unique platform. Featuring a wide variety of texts, a comprehensive register of art projects as well as absorbing sidelights, profiles and commentary, this anniversary volume is a lavishly illustrated retrospective look at the development of the project that has been constantly focusing on the future emerging in the present.