Coverbild Matthias Weischer
Matthias Weischer
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Edited by: Susanne Pfeffer, Künstlerhaus Bremen
German, English
March 2005 , 64 Pages
342mm x 321mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1495-2
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A small publication about the unusual paintings by Matthias Weischer, one of the new young 'shooting stars' of the painting scene. Designed by Markus Dreßen, the graphic designer of "the most beautiful book of the world," from 2004.
Most of the empty, austere interiors shown in the paintings of Matthias Weischer seem confining to the point of claustrophobia, and time appears to have come to a standstill in them as well. Weischer, who was born in 1973 in Elte, Westphalia, and now lives and works in Leipzig, has received international recognition with his paintings. He employs a number of different visual means to achieve these unsettling effects in his views of prototypical living spaces. This first comprehensive publication on his oeuvre traces his use of shifting, colliding perspectives, the motif of a painting within the painting, views into depth, and flat, decorative, highly ornamental elements that appear as if superimposed on the surface-a mattress, for example, or a carpet resembling a puzzle-which give a painting the look of an abstract composition. In some places, the extremely thick impasto rises almost sculpturally from the pictorial plane, heightening the impression of objects represented in a state of frozen stillness.
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