Cantos/Cuentos Colombianos Arte Colombiano Contemporáneo/Contemporary Colombian Art

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Edited by: Dr. Hans-Michael Herzog Texts by: Fernán E. Gonzalez, Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza, Alfredo Molano, William Ospina English, Spanish 2004, 416 Pages, 259 Ills. Hardcover 265mm x 199mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1483-9
Contemporary Colombian art - a real find.

Cantos/Cuentos Colombianos is the most comprehensive exhibition of contemporary Colombian art ever shown in Europe. Ten mature artists, who are widely recognized in Colombia, present a previously unknown world of images and experience that is more than worthy of international attention. With great formal and substantive rigor, these artists of a middle generation deal in various ways with their country and its troubled past and present. The breadth of personal artistic styles is reflected in the diversity of media employed by these artists: installations, videos, photographs, objects, performances, and works of audio art, all from the Daros-Latinamerica Collection. This book offers a close-up look at the artists themselves. In addition to extensive photographic documentation of the individual work complexes, in-depth interviews conducted by Hans-Michael Herzog, director of the Daros-Latinamerica Collection, provide fascinating insights into the personal worlds of these artists. Four prominent Colombian thinkers of differing political persuasions discuss political, social, and cultural issues facing their country in enlightening and thought-provoking essays. Artists featured: Fernando Arias, María Fernanda Cardoso, Juan Manuel Echavarría, Oswaldo Macià, Oscar Muñoz, Nadín Ospina, José Alejandro Restrepo, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Doris Salcedo, Rosemberg Sandoval Exhibition schedule: Daros Exhibitions, Zurich, October 30, 2004 - January 9, 2005 and January 29 - April 17, 2005