Richard Prince Women

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Edited by: Shaun Caley Regen Graphic Design: Richard Prince English 2004, 176 Pages, 196 Ills. Harcover 286mm x 190mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1451-8
Eye-opening set pieces from the chauvinistic side of everyday American culture presented in Richard Prince's typical critical style.

Perfectly beautiful yet strangely faceless, interchangeable fashion models, bare-breasted, long-haired biker chicks posed provocatively on motorcycles ... such incarnations of male fantasies are a feature of many of the works of U.S. artist Richard Prince (born in 1949). He recycles found materials from American popular culture, most often ad images and magazine photos which he rephotographs, repaints or overpaints, arranges in collages or breaks down into fragments, thereby transforming them into works of art. Images of women representing various spheres of trivial culture, icons of advertising like the Marlboro Man, and figures borrowed from chauvinist cartoons are central motifs in his art. Without comment, he cites and duplicates them in supposedly long defunct role clichés that remain stubbornly present even today. Richard Prince: Women presents a selection of strikingly revealing appropriations chosen by the artist himself. Exhibition schedule: Regen Projects, Los Angeles, February 19 - March 20, 2004