Coverbild Olav Christopher Jenssen
Olav Christopher Jenssen
Time Paintings
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Edited by: Kunstmuseum Bonn
Texts by: Christoph Schreier, Dr. Stefan Gronert, Gertrud Sandqvist, Michael Stoeber
German, English
October 2003 , 236 Pages
326mm x 237mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1387-0
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The multifaceted paintings of Olav Christopher Jenssen exhibit an impressive formal and stylistic diversity. This monograph honors his complete oeuvre.
Berlin-based painter Olav Christopher Jenssen, who was born in Norway in 1954, is an artist who has consistently resisted hasty labeling. Always willing to leave past accomplishments behind in pursuit of new goals, he has developed an oeuvre of striking complexity and stylistic richness in the course of the past two decades. Studying Jenssen's work thus entails exposing oneself to an "inexhaustible wellspring of invention" that defies categorization. His art moves back and forth between formal precision and baroque excess, between sensitive peinture and poetic, verbal allusion that is often expressed in cryptic textual references. All of these facets of Jenssen's oeuvre are presented impressively in this book, which focuses primarily on the works completed during the past ten years. Exhibition schedule: Kunstmuseum Bonn, October 2 - November 30, 2003
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