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Georgia O'Keeffe
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Edited by: Bice Curiger
Texts by: Bice Curiger, Carter Ratcliff, Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schneemann
November 2003 , 200 Pages , 0 Ills.
323mm x 268mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1360-3
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A refreshing re-encounter with the monumental paintings of the great American artist. Texts by noteworthy authors underscore Georgia O'Keeffe's exceptional position in the history of twentieth-century painting.
Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986) is certainly one of the great figures of twentieth-century art. European audiences associate her mostly with the close-up flower paintings known from posters, postcards, and calendars, with pictures of format-filling, totem-like animal skulls or with the mythic figure of the artist herself as depicted in photographs by Alfred Steglitz. This large-format monograph on Georgia O'Keeffe encourages a more intensive encounter with her work - her idiosyncratic way of painting seemingly characterized by a state of suspension. Her bold picture conceptions and spatial designs are balanced between image and abstraction, between close-up and monumentality, nature representation and artificiality. Georgia O'Keeffe absorbed various influences early in her career-European and American Modernism, for instance, and later those of native culture s- but from the very beginning, her tonal application of pigment and her photograph-like manner of composition served to distinguish her from the European tradition, leading her towards stylisations which even might even be called "pre-Pop." (English edition available ISBN 3-7757-1361-1) The artist: Georgia O'Keeffe (Wisconsin 1887-1986 New Mexico). Studied art in Chicago and New York. In 1916, exhibition of a number of charcoal drawings at Alfred Stieglitz's Gallery 291 in New York; in 1917, solo exhibition of her works there. From 1918, she lived with Stieglitz, her husband-to-be, in New York. After his death, she moved to New Mexico, where she painted her most famous pictures. Exhibition Schedule: Kunsthaus Zürich October 23, 2003 - February 1, 2004
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