Coverbild Building an IslandVito Acconci/Acconci Studio
Building an IslandVito Acconci/Acconci Studio
Mur Island, Graz/Austria
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Texts by: Robert Punkenhofer, Oliver Elser, Wolfgang Lorenz
Contributions: Heike Faller
Edited by: Graz 2003 - Kulturhauptstadt Europas, ART & IDEA
German, English
December 2003 , 112 Pages
245mm x 205mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1357-3
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Vito Acconci's Mur Island in Graz forges a closer bond between life on the river and in the two halves of the city. The book introduces the artist-architect and his project.
It seems as if a UFO has landed in the middle of Graz: an organic form, evoking a half shell or a snail's shell, is floating on the Mur river as an artificial island, connected by piers to both river banks. The steel construction was designed by the American-born architect-artist Vito Acconci, based on the idea of Robert Punkenhofer, a native of Graz, and realized within the scope of Graz 2003: Kulturhauptstadt Europas. Acconci Island, consisting of various interlocking surfaces with flowing transitions, houses an amphitheatre, a café and a playground. Large parts of its outer stainless-steel skin reflect the city; acrylic fibre, glass, steel grids and peepholes provide a view onto the water and the banks, while the transparent materials make the building look weightless. The result is a breathtaking, technically sophisticated avant-garde piece of architecture that refuses categorization. The book documents the different stages of the design, and places sketches and computer simulations next to remarkable photographs of models as well as shots of the finished island. An interview with Vito Acconci and a presentation of the diverse work by the Acconci Studio round off the book.
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