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Julian Opie
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Edited by: Codax Publisher
Texts by: Daniel Kurjakovic
German, English
January 2003 , 216 Pages , 0 Ills.
345mm x 248mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1301-6
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The face of Kate Moss - created with just a few lines with the aid of the computer. Other celebrities as well as unknown faces from the circle of Julian Opie's friends and acquaintances are presented to the wondering eyes of readers in these portraits by the London artist.
How far can the facial features of a person be simplified without sacrificing his or her individuality? This book is the first to present the much discussed portraits by the British artist Julian Opie, works from the past six years in which he explores the limits of stylization. The portraits are based on photographs which are initially scanned and then processed by the artist with the help of computer software. In this process, the subject is reduced to its characteristic traits of physiognomy, details are coarsened. With their black outlines, backgrounds of monochrome colours as well as dot or line marks for eyes, noses and mouths, the portraits are reminiscent of comic strip heroes or corporate logos - it seems as if Julian Opie intended to create an own "corporate logo" for each person portrayed. Most of the portraits feature unknown people from Opie´s personal surroundings, a few commissioned works, however, also show celebrities. And yet, along with their individual self, the stars are stripped of their glamour, becoming mere names with a function: Kate, model, or Jacques, racing driver. The artist: Born in London in 1958, Opie attended Goldsmith's School of Art from 1979 to 1982. Numerous solo projects include the Lisson Gallery, London; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Kunsthalle, Bern; Hayward Gallery, London; Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. He has participated in group exhibitions in cities around the world, including Sydney, Amsterdam, New Delhi and Seoul. He lives and works in London.
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