Trespassing Houses x Artists

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Edited by: Bellevue Art Musem, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, L.A. Contributions: Alan Koch und Linda Taalman Texts by: Cara Mullio, L.D. Riehle English August 2002, 156 Pages, 200 Ills. Hardcover 1mm x 1mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1261-3

TRESPASSING: Houses x Artists documents the work of the contemporary artists Kevin Appel, Barbara Bloom, Chris Burden, Jim Isermann, T. Kelly Mason, Julian Opie, Renée Petropoulos, David Reed, and Jessica Stockholder. In collaboration with architecture collaborative OpenOffice, each artist radically reinvents how domestic space is conceptualized and inhabited. The resulting works are open-ended, representing a rigorous new approach to visualizing form rather than a final product or conceptual destination. From Jessica Stockholder's subversive meditation on the suburban home, to Chris Burden's quasi-legal Small Skyscraper, to Barbara Bloom's dislocating architecture (unfeasible, save through future technologies) to Kevin Appel's ambivalent homage to modernism, TRESPASSING breaks the conceptual boundaries that have historically divided art and architecture to describe new strategies of conceiving private space. Realized in an architectural language by architecture collaborative OpenOffice, the book describes each artists' project and includes critical essays to contextualize their works.