Dream City Zur Zukunft der Stadträume

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Edited by: Max Stemshorn Texts by: Max Stemshorn u.a., Klaus Töpfer, Sabine Presuhn, Sebastian Redecke, Ulrich Schneider, Prof. Manfred Schmalriede Editor-in-Chief: Claudio Hils German, English 2001, 144 Pages, 97 Ills. Hardcover 306mm x 244mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1061-9

What would Siena be without the Campo? What would Venice be without St Mark's Square? The town architects of the past knew well the benefit and the importance of open areas within city walls. Comparable squares or public spaces are relatively rare in 20th century architecture. Admittedly vast sums are spent on improving our inner cities, creating new zones for shopping and leisure, but very few cities put any effort into reinstating or creating new high-quality open spaces in the suburbs or in residential areas. Dream City asks a number of questions: how did we come to abandon traditionally compact urban structures? What direction is urban design taking today? In view of the chaotically burgeoning agglomerations in Asia, South America and Africa, is it realistic to try to cling to the ideal of an intact European city centre? Dream City turns the spotlight on developments in public urban spaces in Europe; meanwhile photographs taken by Claudio Hils in São Paulo, Bangkok, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Las Vegas widen the picture to include non-European trends and possible future developments. Exhibition Schedule: Stadthaus Ulm 29.4.-1.7.2001

»...this well-ordered and attractive book should be seen by anybody interested in the city.«

David Cowlard in: the architects' journal 02/02