Claus Goedicke

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Texts by: Heinz Liesbrock Edited by: Kunstverein Göttingen, Museum Schloss Moyland Foreword: Kurt von Figura, Franz Joseph van der Grinten German, English 2001, 88 Pages, 63 Ills. Softcover 271mm x 239mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1053-4

In his oeuvre, Claus Goedicke has added a new, markedly contemporary perspective to the photographic still life. His subjet usually deals with the most familiar everyday items, plastic containers and fruit. As such they are not only seen as objects of everyday life, however, but are also placed in the historic context of the still life. The pictures, which oscillate between still lifes and factual photographs, mirror the aesthetics of advertising in their reflecting surfaces, precise lighting, and flawless objects in frequently extreme color - aesthetics which Goedicke nevertheless likes to thwart at the same time. In 1999, the artist was awarded the prize for supporting upcoming artists by the state of Northrhine Westphalia. To cite the laudatory speech, "Claus Goedicke builds his photographs like a painter does his picture ... Among the younger photographers, he is the one who is most explicit in his dialogue with painting." This book features selected works from Claus Goedicke's photographic oeuvre, from the beginning of the nineties until today.