Valerio Olgiati Das Gelbe Haus

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Edited by: Kunsthaus Bregenz, archiv kunst architektur, Prof. Dr. Edelbert Köb Texts by: Heinrich Helfenstein Contributions: Tibor Joanelly mit Valerio Olgiati German, English 2000, 84 Pages, 39 Ills. Softcover 202mm x 164mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1004-6

In 1995, the father of the Swiss architect Valerio Olgiati left part of his cultural assets to the community of Flims. The legacy was made under the condition that the so-called Yellow House - an empty shell and of no great historical significance - was to be preserved and refurbished according to his taste, and above all, "to be painted white from top to bottom". These conditions were carried out by his son in a radical manner. Olgiati altogether redesigned the classicist-inspired Yellow House at Flims, so that today - well beyond all notions of romantic alpine villages - it stands out at the very centre of the Graubünden spa as an erratic, white cube: The historical layers of the old unworked stone walls were laid bare and the rough stone was reworked with the hammer to give the walls a sculptural, archaic texture. The stripped ruin-like house was then repainted with chalk whiting. With his radical changes, Valerio Olgiati completely reversed the original appearance of the building, at the same time creating numerous references to its original core.