Acconci, Holl Storefront For Art and Architecture

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Edited by: Kunsthaus Bregenz, archiv kunst architektur, Prof. Dr. Edelbert Köb Texts by: Arno Ritter Editor-in-Chief: Paul Ott German, English 2000, 96 Pages, 70 Ills. Softcover 202mm x 164mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-1001-5

In 1993, the artist Vito Acconci and the architect Steven Holl were invited to redesign the then existing façade of the Storefront Gallery in New York. As a response to its urban context and its function as an art space - the gallery is situated on the ground floor of a low building on the outskirts of Soho - Acconci and Holl created a versatile façade which may be opened up in different ways according to the season or function as an optical screen separating the inner space from the street. The different functions, answering to the needs of inner and outer space and creating links and transparencies or establishing borders, serve to provide visitors with ever- changing local and spatial relations. This book, published in the Werkdokumente Series with photographs by Paul Ott, documents the joint project by Vito Acconci and Steven Holl.