Richard Paul Lohse Graphic Design 1928-1988

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Edited by: Richard Paul Lohse-Stiftung, Zürich Texts by: Christoph Bignens, Jörg Stürzebecher, Vera Hausdorff, Hans Heinz Holz, Michael Lenz, Béla Stetzer Graphic Design: Markus Bosshard German, English August 2002, 392 Pages, 485 Ills. Clothbound, 2 volumes in slipcase 315mm x 247mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0991-0
„The Most Beautiful Swiss Books Prize,“ 1999, „The Most Beautiful German Books Prize,“ 2000, “Best Book Design from all over the World Prize,” 2001

Richard Paul Lohse, with his modular and serial orders, is one of the founders of systematic-constructive art in the 20th century. This book, a project by the Richard Paul Lohse-Foundation, is the first to present the complete works of the Swiss-born artist and graphic designer. Numerous works, some of them not accessible since their first publication, are brought together here for the first time. A number of essays shed further light on the multi- faceted relationship between aesthetics and politics from the 1930s, exploring Lohse's influence on the development of modern non-fiction books, informative product advertisements and the history of Swiss graphic design, which has had an exemplary status world-wide since the 1950s. The essays also explore the parallel developement of modular and serial thinking in architecture and design and analyse Lohse's contribution to th magazines Bauen + Wohnen and Neue Grafik. The book concludes with the catalogue raisonné of his graphic design, opening the way to over 1,600 examples of his expertise. This volume is the first of a four volume series dealing with the pictorial work of Richard Paul Lohse.