Coverbild Yves Tanguy and Surrealism
Yves Tanguy and Surrealism
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Edited by: Dr. Karin von Maur
Texts by: Susan Davidson, Dr. Karin von Maur, Beate Wolf, Konrad Klapheck, Gordon Onslow Ford
Foreword: Christian von Holst
May 2001 , 252 Pages
280mm x 224mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0968-2
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Yves Tanguy was a surrealist of the first hour. With Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst and Alberto Giacometti, the Brittany-born artist belonged to the inner circle of the Paris avant-garde in the twenties. The close association of the artist with the surrealist group is illustrated by his significant contributions to their manifestoes, magazines and exhibitions. Tanguy liked to explore the world of imagination, of dreams and wishful thinking, with his codified imagery still baffling viewers today. At the core of this publication is the surrealist landscape, a subject to which Tanguy dedicated himself like no other painter of his time. On the basis of yet unpublished works and documents, renowned authors discuss his surrealist-inspired oeuvre in all its aspects - even to the artist's reception in America. This book is the first in a long time to present once more an extensive overview about Yves Tanguy's oeuvre and its reception. A richly illustrated biography rounds off the picture. (German edition available 3-7757-0964-9) The artist: Yves Tanguy (Paris 1900-1955 Woodbury). Inspired by viewing pictures by Giorgio de Chirico, Tanguy started painting in 1923. In 1925, first encounter with André Breton, who had a decisive influence on his work. In 1927, acceptance by the circle of surrealists. Until 1939, several joint exhibitions with other surrealists and some solo exhibitions, among them in the U.S. in 1934. In 1939, move to New York, in 1948 American citizenship.
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