Coverbild Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900-1990)
Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900-1990)
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Texts by: Volker Albus, Carlo Burschel/Heinz Scheiffele, Rüdiger Joppien, Beate Manske, Walter Scheiffele, Dr. Wolfgang Schepers, Peter Schmitt, Klaus Struve, Reinhard W. Sänger, Siegfried Gronert
Edited by: Beate Manske
June 2000 , 224 Pages
286mm x 219mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0885-2
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Wilhelm Wagenfeld was undisputably a great pioneer of German industrial design. Like no other member of his guild, he met the special challenge posed by manufacturing processes and market conditions of mass-produced goods with unmatched professionality and inventiveness. Today, many of his clear, functional designs are considered beautifully timeless classics: the Bauhaus lamp, for instance, which has lost nothing of its appeal and which Wagenfeld designed when he was barely 24 years old and still a student at the Weimar Bauhaus, his stackable Kubus crockery from 1938, or his salt and pepper shakers "Max and Moritz", known for their smooth grip, which he designed in 1952 for WMF. Wagenfeld´s 100th birthday is the occasion to present his oeuvre in a book, for the first time within the context of works by distinguished contemporaries of his, allowing both for a new appreciation and comparative re-evaluation of the unique qualities of his works. An essay about Wagenfeld´s reception today illustrates the undiminished relevance of his ideas and designs, which have left no small mark on the appearance of today´s everyday objects. (English edition available ISBN 3-7757- 0886-3) The designer: Wilhelm Wagenfeld (Bremen 1900-1990 Stuttgart). Studies at the Weimar Bauhaus from 1923-1925. In 1926, assistant at the metal workshop at the Hochschule for Handwerk und Baukunst in Weimar. Member of the Deutscher Werkbund in 1928. From 1931-35, professor at the Staatliche Kunsthochschule in Berlin. From 1931, numerous works for the glass manufacturer Schott & Gen., Jena. From 1935- 1947, artistic director of the Vereinigte Lausitzer Glaswerke glass factory at Wei¯wasser. From 1950, free-lance work for numerous firms (WMF, Lindner, Peill & Putzler, Rosenthal, Braun etc.). From 1954, Werkstatt Wagenfeld workshop. From 1958, publisher of the magazine "form" with others.
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