Roni Horn. PI

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Edited by: Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, München Texts by: Prof. Dr. Carla Schulz-Hoffmann, Dr. Andreas Strobl German 1999, 128 Pages, 46 Ills. Softcover 205mm x 160mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0871-5

In her work, the American artist Roni Horn centres on the material presence of the world that surrounds us. One of her current "works in progress", begun in 1990, is an encyclopedia of Iceland, intended as a description of the island´s unique characteristics. In "PI", a photographic sequence with 45 pieces that is the latest product of Horn´s extended stays in Iceland, she succeeds in weaving everyday motifs into a subjective portrait of the island on the arctic circle: fiction and reality meet when reproductions from TV and video recordings are intersparsed with photographs of marine formations, stuffed animals, birds´ feathers, interior spaces and faces. The outcome is a string of impressions left by a place - all equal in value and importance -, something that is perhaps comparable to the search for a trail that draws ever closer circles around the specific identity of a place. This book, produced in close co-operation with the artist, includes color reproductions of all photographs of the room installation "PI". The introductory texts serve to put Roni Horn´s photographic sequence into the context of her oeuvre and the American art tradition. (English edition out of print ISBN 3- 7757-0912-6)