Wolfgang Winter/Berthold Hörbelt Projekte 1996-99

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Edited by: Florian Matzner Texts by: Amnon Barzel, Barbara Engelbach, Florian Matzner, Wolfgang Ulrich German, English 1999, 96 Pages, 48 Ills. Softcover 202mm x 155mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0843-2

Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt have been building box houses since 1996. They have now done this in a large number of different places. In public space, in each case for several days, weeks or months, they piled several hundred water boxes on top of each other, often arranging them into concave or convex structures. The brown, green and orange boxes, usually part of a system of exchange and monetary deposit, are removed from normal commercial circulation and, along with an unexpected aesthetic quality, take on a new function - beyond the aesthetics of commercial goods and the logistics of stockrooms. The box houses, located at key places in the urban landscape, function as cinemas, bus stops or - like at the Sculpture Project in Münster in 1997, which marked the first international success for the two artists - as an information pavilion and kiosk. With introductory essays and a fax dialogue between the artists and Florian Matzner, this book examines their work over the past four years - mixed forms from sculpture and architecture which find their place at the "intersection between autonomy and applicability" (Wolfgang Winter). The artists: Wolfgang Winter, born 1960 in Offenbach. Lives in Frankfurt on Main.ì Berthold Hörbelt, born 1958 in Coesfeld. Lives in Havixbeck and Frankfurt on Main.