Georg Flegel 1566-1638 Stilleben

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Edited by: Kurt Wettengl Texts by: Ingvar Bergström, Gerhard Bott, Claus Grimm, Michèle-Caroline Heck, Hana Seifertová, Thea Vignau-Wilberg, Kurt Wettengl, Alexander Wied German 2003, 320 Pages, 184 Ills. Clothbound 296mm x 250mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0816-6
Georg Flegel today counts for the first German as well as for one of the most important European still life painters of the early 17th century. For this new edition of the book Kurt Wettengl also compiled a catalogue raisonné of Flegel´s still lifes and watercolours.

Georg Flegel, born in Olmütz, Moravian in 1566, ranks among the most prominent European sill life painters of the early 17th century. At this time the portrayal of inanimate objects gradually loosened itself from the background of scenic depictions and portraits. Flegel, who devoted himself entirely to the newly developing type of picture around 1600 in Frankfurt am Main until his death in 1638, is reputed today to be the first German still life painter. His work covers, among other things, still lifes of meals and delicacies, "laid tables", still lifes with smoking utencils and flowers, and a series of watercoloured nature studies of which some fifty paintings and thirty aquarelles never before shown are illustrated and described here. Apart from art historical investigations, the cultural and social-historical classification of his pictorial themes and objects, this first major monograph on Georg Flegel contains two essays which focus on the contemporaries painters in Frankfurt and Hanau and draws attention to centres of still life painting in Germany, which have been given little attention until now.