Pablo Picasso Das plastische Werk

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Author: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Werner Spies Contributions: In Zusammenarbeit mit Christine Piot, Georges Brassai German 1998, 420 Pages, 1126 Ills. Clothbound 288mm x 244mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0740-4

As a painter, but also as a modeller and monteur, the initiator of a whole range of mixed techniques, Picasso has been recognised by subsequent generations of artists as their spiritual father. Almost everything that has been done in sculpture this century goes back to Picasso: from its biomorphic growths to its constructivist forms. He laid the ground for a redefinition of the plastic and even in the days of Cubism was already pointing the way towards the blurring of categorical distinctions between three-dimensional and two-dimensional work. Werner Spies's work, too long out of print, and now being republished in a completely new edition, affords an insight into the highpoints of plastic art - including Picasso's Cubist Head, his 'Absinthe Glass,' the fully plastic works of the Boisgeloup period, his assemblages and lead sculptures - as well as sketches for three-dimensional works. This opulent volume illustrates and describes almost 740 works by Picasso and, in addition, discusses questions which relate to his work as a whole. Werner Spies, a leading authority on Picasso, draws valuable material from his conversations with the artist himself - such as the latter's comment on the first version of the sculpture book: "It is like discovering an unknown civilisation." The author: Werner Spies, born 1937 in Tübingen. Studied art history and philosophy in Vienna, Tübingen and Paris. Now Director of the Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou in Paris. Werner Spies has published widely on the art of the 20th century and is known internationally as a leading expert on Pablo Picasso: one of the few writers of this generation who was personally acquainted with Picasso.