Kunsttheorie im 20. Jahrhundert Künstlerschriften, Kunstkritik, Kunstphilosophie, Manifeste, Statements, Interviews

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Edited by: Charles Harrison, Paul Wood Contributions: Prof. Sebastian Zeidler German November 1998, 1500 Pages, 0 Ills. Clothbound, 2 volumes in slipcase 253mm x 186mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0739-8

This comprehensive, two-volume collection of sources relating to the visual arts constitutes an encyclopedic resume of the art theory of Modernity in Europe and America at the end of the 20th century. All those with an interest in art, philosophy and the culture of our time will find in this publication a readily accessible, representative anthology of texts, many of which were previously only to be located with considerable difficulty. The two volumes are preceded by a preface and comprise eight chronological main chapters, each with a historical introduction and texts (manifestos, articles, letters, essays, book chapters, interviews, lecture manuscripts) by artists, art theoreticians, philosophers, sociologists, politicians, and writers from Europe and America, plus a bibliography and an index of people and subjects. Various German texts 'missing' from the first edition have been included in this new edition with the result that the anthology has been increased by a total of 80 entries, accompanied by an introduction and bibliographic information. This monumental new edition comprises 400 texts in 2 volumes covering the period 1895- 1941 (vol. 1) and 1940-1991 (vol 2). This book is only available in German. The editors: Charles Harrison and Paul Wood are art theorists and critics who, amongst other things, teach Art History for the Open University in the United Kingdom. In addition they are co-authors and editors of the four-volume publication Modern Art: Practices and Debates (Yale University Press, 1993). In 1969 Charles Harrison curated the London station of the legendary exhibition 'When Attitudes Become Form.' He is also a member of 'Art & Language.' Sebastian Ziedler is an art historian and from 1992-1996 he worked in publishing as an editor. He is currently completing his doctoral thesis at Columbia University.