Adrian de Vries in Schaumburg

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Dieses Buch ist leider vergriffen

Edited by: Schaumburger Landschaft Author: Prof. Dr. Lars Olof Larsson German 1998, 80 Pages, 72 Ills. Clothbound 294mm x 253mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0730-5

Adrian de Vries was the most important bronze sculptor of the 17th century. Born in the Netherlands, he studied in Italy under Giovanni da Bologna, was court sculptor in Augsburg and Prague at the court of Rudolf II and later worked for Christian IV of Denmark. He created two of his most significant works for Count Ernst von Schaumburg-Lippe: a richly-decorated baptismal font in the town church of Bückeburg and a large tomb in the Mausoleum, Ernst von Schaumburg-Lippe's burial chapel at St. Martin's Church in Stadthagen. In commissioning artworks, Count Ernst von Schaumburg-Lippe displayed remarkable originality and a keen sense of quality. An extensive correspondence between him and Adrian de Vries in Prague shows that along with technical and financial questions he also had an influence on the unique form and iconography of the works. This book presents and examines Adrian de Vries' works in their historical and art-historical context and assesses their artistic significance as well as their value as a means of royal representation. The volume is lavishly illustrated with outstanding new photographs and gives a profound and highly readable introduction to the work of the sculptor Adrian de Vries. Adrian de Vries (The Hague ca. 1545(?)-1626 Prague). Created works for Giambologna in the 1580s. 1588 appointed as court sculptor in Turin. 1601 appointed as imperial court sculptor in Prague. After the death of Rudolf II, created works for Count Ernst von Holstein-Schaumburg and King Christian IV of Denmark.