Coverbild Das Bauhaus im Osten
Das Bauhaus im Osten
Slowakische und Tschechische Avantgarde 1928-1939
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Edited by: Dr. Susanne Anna
December 1997 , 340 Pages
321mm x 245mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0729-9
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This comprehensive, critical examination of the influence of the Bauhaus on the School of Applied Arts and Crafts (Sur) that existed in Bratislava from 1928 to 1939, presents the first extensive study of the development of the Slovakian variant of Modernity, of little has hitherto been known in the West. Slovakian and Czech artists - including Lúdovít Fulla and Mikulás Galanda in painting and graphic art, Emil Bellus and Bohuslav Fuchs in architecture, Frantisek Tröster in theatre, Irena Blühová and Jaromír Funke in photography, Karol Plicka in Film, Júlia Horová in the applied arts - visited this School, which is rightly seen as a seminal centre of the avant-garde in Eastern Europe. They drew their inspiration from Analytical Realism, Constructivism and the poetic fantasy of children's art - combining all these influences with a high level of craft skills and with folk art traditions going back over hundreds of years. This largely accounts for the particular achievements of the Slovakian School of Applied Arts. This lavishly illustrated publication presents an expertly researched overview of the Slovakian and Czech avant-garde between the wars, at the same time as being a splendid, colourful book, that will always be a pleasure to return to.
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