Walter Pichler Halle in Syros

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Edited by: Kunsthaus Bregenz, archiv kunst architektur, Prof. Dr. Edelbert Köb German, English Januar 1993, 56 Pages, 50 Ills. Softcover 199mm x 169mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0460-1

For many years, Walter Pichler, a leading Austrian sculptor, has been building houses for his sculptures - thereby giving them more than just a pedestal. The first structure he ever built outside the boundaries of his own property, and for something other than his own sculptures, stands in Syros, Greece. He erected this simple, free-standing hall in a terraced landscape criss-crossed by natural stone walls. This book documents the planning, building and completion phases on the basis of Pichler's drawings and photographs by Elfi Pripamer. It is an attempt to approach the archaic rudiments of his architecture.