August Macke Zeichnungen, Werkverzeichnis

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Author: Ursula Heiderich German Januar 1992, 696 Pages, 2674 Ills. Clothbound 324mm x 282mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-0341-3
This volume is a completion to the already published 78 sketchbooks and contains all drawings preserved on loose sheets. They accompany the artist´s entire painting oeuvre as hasty sketches or preparatory studies for composition.

The priority of August Macke's (1887-1914) work lies on his drawings. Macke's sketchbooks, full of sketches and studies, together with his drawings are an oeuvre of remarkable size. This volume shows in addition to the 78 sketchbooks already published, all drawings preserved till today on loose leaves. They accompany the artist's whole work as hasty sketches or as studies for composition. Besides he also made numerous independant drawings.