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Max Siedentopf
Paintings League
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Edited by: Nadine Barth
Graphic Design: Max Siedentopf
Institution: Galerie Kernweine, Stuttgart
Artist: Max Siedentopf
May 2021 , 96 Pages , 60 Ills.
236mm x 168mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5106-3
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| Soccer Jerseys as Color-Field Painting
Paintings League is the must-have for the Euro 2024 for every football fan – an art book that brings the excitement of football into the world of art and ensures that every fan is delighted.
 Artist Max Siedentopf has discovered that the passion for football and art can be wonderfully combined. In Paintings League, he presents a series of paintings that captivate both art lovers and football enthusiasts. Paintings League is a tribute to iconic football clubs like FC Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and many others, with their famous jerseys immortalized in acrylic on canvas.
 Art lovers will appreciate the minimalist, abstract approach and the fine brushstrokes of the paintings, while football fans will enjoy the vibrant colors and familiar patterns of their favorite teams. The art book functions like a league: each painting represents different groups of people with their own interests, passions, and backgrounds, all vying for the title of Champion of the Paintings League.
 Especially now, as you enjoy the excitement and joy of the European Championship, Paintings League offers a creative and inspiring way to celebrate your passion for football – the perfect companion for your Euro 2024 experiences!

MAX SIEDENTOPF (*1991) is a London-based artist, photographer, video director and freelance art director. He is the founder of the art magazine Ordinary.
Galerie Kernweine, Stuttgart,
July–September 2021
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