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Stefano Cerio
Stefano Cerio
Stefano Cerio
Stefano Cerio
Night Games
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Texts by: Gabriel Bauret, Angela Madesani
Contributions: Nadine Barth
Graphic Design: Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt
English, Italian
March 2021 , 128 Pages
307mm x 231mm
ISBN: 978-6-0000-2692-9
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| At night in the dream factory
What happens in amusement parks when the lights go out? What happens at children’s playgrounds at night? A desolate quiet takes over the spaces where, when the sun shines, children play and adults relax. With his latest photo series, Night Games, Stefano Cerio (*1962) does more than simply continue his 2015 series Chinese Fun. He links them both through a process used in 2011 while photographing his series Night Ski. With the absence of natural light during nighttime, he made a virtue out of necessity by employing artificial lighting. By doing so, he could achieve sculptural, even haptic qualities in his images. The results are uncanny, fascinating views of carnival rides, slides, and carousels that one usually never sees, although here, they are always close at hand.

Exhibitions: Galleria del Cembalo, Rome 4.5.–8.7.2017; Camera – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Turin 1.6.–30.6.2017
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