Benin Geraubte Geschichte

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Edited by: Barbara Plankensteiner Texts by: Kokunre Agbontaen-Eghafona, Felicity Bodenstein, Carsten Brosda, Jamie Dau, Osaisonor Godfrey Ekhator-Obogie, Henrietta Lidchi, Anne Luther, Enotie Ogbebor, Barbara Plankensteiner, Silke Reuther, Abba Isa Tijani, Ralf Wiechmann German 2023, 268 Pages, 240 Ills. Paperback with flaps 270mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5552-8
| Shadows of a stolen identity

The colonial invasion of the kingdom of Benin by British troops in February 1897 marked the end of one of the mightiest realms in West African history. One of the consequences was the scattering of thousands of works of art made of bronze, ivory, and wood stolen from the royal palace and the city. With the restitution of the largest German collections of art from Benin, the MARKK’s entire inventory of Benin art will be exhibited. The catalog provides information about the British colonial war, the current debate about restitution, and various perspectives of the original significance of the artworks, their outstanding artistic quality, and their place in African art and cultural history. This volume also places particular emphasis on the provenance of the collection in Hamburg and the history of its entanglement with colonial trade networks, while also revealing the major role that Hamburg played in the history of the Benin collections in Germany.