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David Stephenson
Light Cities
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Artist: David Stephenson
Texts by: Keith F. Davis, David Stephenson
Graphic Design: David Stephenson
June 2024 , 96 Pages , 88 Ills.
306mm x 248mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5678-5
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The Ambivalent Glow of Modern Life
David Stephenson’s stunning large format photographs of cities at night across America, Australia and Asia reveal globalized urban sprawl, energy use, and light pollution. These glowing “light cities” suggest much that is both good and bad in our industrialized society: extraordinary examples of a monumental technological sublime, where awe, beauty, and human aspiration are tinged with the shadow of looming environmental catastrophe, our engine of modernity seemingly running on empty. The accompanying essay by photographic historian Keith F. Davis discusses the evolving idea of the city as a key theme in photography, and what it has symbolized, from the modernist city as an engineering feat, to the post-modernist city as a focus of energy and information.

DAVID STEPHENSON (*1955, Washington D.C.) has lived in Australia since 1982, when he took up a teaching post at the University of Tasmania Art School. A fascination for vastness in space and time has led him to travel and photograph extensively around the world, with journeys to Europe, the Himalayas, and both the Arctic and Antarctic. His photographs and video works have been widely exhibited in galleries around the world.
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