Sofie Dawo Eine textile Revolte / A Textile Subversion

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Edited by: H.-Peter Jochum, Jett Rodgers Texts by: Kirsty Bell, Friedrich Meschede German, English Februar 2024, 160 Pages, 110 Ills. Quarterbound hardcover 288mm x 218mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5621-1

Sofie Dawo (1926–2010) was one of the most important representatives of Concrete textile art in the second half of the 20th century. Based on the principles of the Bauhaus, but with the courage to experiment, the German artist developed her own artistic position. In a radical departure from traditional weaving designs, she explored the qualities of both tested as well as new materials, often working in series. Dawo’s skillful research of the properties of her fabrics and materials allowed her to move beyond the two-dimensionality of the woven surface and create works with a sculptural character.
This publication draws on the estate of her long-underrepresented œuvre, which includes not only woven pieces but also hitherto unseen drawings. Both bodies of work demonstrate the extent to which Sofie Dawo understood her weaving art as an autonomous genre.