Wir ist Zukunft / We Is Future Visionen neuer Gemeinschaften / Visions of New Communities

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Edited by: Museum Folkwang Essen Texts by: Yussef Agbo-Ola (Olaniyi Studio), Anna Fricke, Rebecca Herlemann, Antonina Krezdorn, Leander Scholz, Birgit Schulte, Laura Stamps Graphic Design: Johannes Lang German, English 2024, 272 Pages, 250 Ills. Raw-cut hardcover 240mm x 168mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5606-8

We Is Future: Visions of New Communities revolves around the longing for an ideal community, a life in harmony with nature and with each other. Looking at 120 years of artistic visions, the six chapters within this book lead from the Life Reform movement around 1900, via the visionary architectural designs of Bruno Taut or Wenzel Hablik, through to Constant’s urban utopia New Babylon, built around the of idea the playful human being. It also examines the Hippie Modernism of the 1960s and moves on to consider contemporary positions that suggest a symbiosis of all living beings in and with nature. The works presented are an expression of a striving for new ways of living in the present and the future. The artistic perspective within the publication is expanded by scientific and personal contributions and an artist interview. Its sustainable design also traces an ideal.
Museum Folkwang, Essen
November 24, 2023–March 17, 2024