Hannah Höch Unbekannte Raritäten - Die Sammlung im Museum Reinickendorf

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Edited by: Cornelia Gerner für das Museum Reinickendorf Texts by: Dr. Ralf Burmeister, Christine Eissengarthen, Cornelia Gerner, Brigitte und Christoph Pewesin, Helmut Rössner Graphic Design: Kerstin Riedel German September 2023, 140 Pages, 250 Ills. Hardcover 246mm x 176mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5479-8
| A World of Magic in Berlin Reinickendorf

Hannah Höch is primarily known as a Dada artist, having been renowned for her photo collages since the 1910s. This book shows us a different, more private Hannah Höch: landscapes, watercolors, miniatures, memories retold in pictures, as well as portraits and images of plants, all expressing her philosophy of the cycle of birth and death. The collection at Berlin’s Museum Reinickendorf, which includes Höch’s handicrafts and her own collected rarities, document important areas of her life, while also providing insight into her personal relationships. During the Nazi era, she was vilified as a “cultural Bolshevik” and withdrew from cultural life. A small wooden house on the Heiligensee in north Berlin offered her and her art a refuge during this period of radical isolation. Here, she endured war, starvation, and loneliness but also made a new start after 1945.Artist and set designer PHILIPP FÜRHOFER (*1982, Augsburg) is known around the world for pieces that use acrylic glass, mirrors, and light to create highly esthetic, yet subtle effects. His artworks are literally multilayered: they are simultaneously painting, sculpture, and light object. Fürhofer’s way of playing with multi-dimensional illusions is also evident in the sets he designed for the Bayreuth Festival or the opera houses of Amsterdam, London, and Copenhagen. The artist lives in Berlin.