Pauls Reise zu den Fischen Eine Abenteuergeschichte vom Meer mit Bildern von Paul Klee

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Author: Boris Friedewald German 2022, 64 Pages Hardcover 246mm x 186mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5333-3

Adventurer Paul and his brave friend Lily set off on a journey in their big ship. Along the way they discover a wandering island, a giant sea monster, a star ship and sailing cities. They dive into the depths of the ocean and encounter dancing fish, submarine cities and sunken islands. They learn about a golden fish and a lazy fish, the secret of the sea slug king and much more! Boris Friedewald can tell a story and he has a very good eye - and he has a particularly good eye for the art of Paul Klee. Friedewald finds a magically cohesive world of motifs in the extensive oeuvre of this great 20th century artist. In this book, he brings together works on the theme of the sea, fish, the underwater world, and tells a stirring story along the lines of this wonderful art.

BORIS FRIEDEWALD (*1969) studied art history, education and theater studies in Bochum and Berlin. He has published numerous works, with a focus on the Bauhaus and photography. With his book Die Engel von Paul Klee (The Angels of Paul Klee), he opened up a completely new view of the art of the great draftsman and painter.