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Being Jain
Art and Culture of an Indian Religion
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Texts by: Johannes Beltz, Michaela Blaser, Marion Frenger, Patrick Felix Krüger, Harsha Vinay
November 2022 , 188 Pages , 70 Ills.
Softcover with inserted game
272mm x 214mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5350-0
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| Venturing New Ways
Strict non-violence, the renunciation of possession and universal tolerance are the guiding principles of Jainism – a religious community that is found around the world, yet which is hardly known outside India. Combining masterpieces of Jain art from the collection of the Museum Rietberg, richly illustrated essays, and interviews with Jains from Europe, the US, and India, Being Jain: Art and Culture of an Indian Religion provides impressive insights into the unique lifestyle and ethical values cultivated by Jainism over many centuries. The catalogue explores the contributions that the living tradition of contemporary Jainism can make to deal with the fundamental challenges the world faces today: climate change, rampant consumerism, ethnic and religious intolerance, and social inequality. A board game inside the book encourages readers to reflect on their own everyday behavior and to venture out in new directions.

This book is also available in German.
Museum Rietberg, Zurich
November 18, 2022–April 30, 2023
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