Hosen haben Röcke an / Pants Wear Skirts Künstlerinnengruppe Erfurt / The Erfurt Women Artists' Group 1984–1994

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Edited by: Susanne Altmann, Kata Krasznahorkai, Christin Müller, Franziska Schmidt, Sonia Voss, nGbK, Berlin Texts by: Susanne Altmann, Kata Krasznahorkai, Christin Müller, Franziska Schmidt, Sonia Voss Graphic Design: Klimaite Klimaite, Berlin German, English 2023, 256 Pages, 200 Ills. Softcover 276mm x 198mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-5258-9
| A Mosaic of Femininity

Founded in 1984 by women around Gabriele Stötzer, the Erfurt Women Artists’ Group pursued a radically creative lifestyle to counter the rigid structures of everyday life in the GDR, over a period of ten years. Subversive, witty, borne of a liberating sense of defiance against normative gender roles, their artistic expressions provide an insight into the little-known feminist subculture in the GDR. Their pioneering role in terms of an exploration of female identity is particularly reflected through five experimental Super 8 films, subsequent live performances, and fashion-object shows. Often unfolding intuitively from sequences of audio, dance, and literary elements, self-created and provocative costumes that served as alter egos of the artists took center stage. Their political commitment culminated in December 1989 in the first occupation of a Stasi, State Security Service, headquarters, initiated by five women, three of whom were part of the group.

The ERFURT WOMEN ARTISTS' GROUP remained active with personnel changes—Monika Andres, Tely Büchner, Elke Carl, Monique Förster, Gabriele Göbel, Ina Heyner, Verena Kyselka, Claudia Morca Bogenhardt, Bettina Neumann, Ingrid Plöttner, Marlies Schmidt, Gabriele Stötzer, Harriet Wollert and others—until 1994.