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Edited by: Léon Krempel, Kunsthalle Darmstadt Texts by: León Krempel Graphic Design: Torsten Köchlin German, English 2021, 60 Pages, 30 Ills. Softcover 368mm x 296mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4877-3
| Woodcuts à la carte

Genaro Strobel creates monumental works on paper using a printing process he developed, which starts with the classic woodcut, but also includes photography, painting, drawing, and collage. The medium of wood becomes the content, as the printing blocks are cut into commercially available types of veneer wood by high-precision lasers working according to computer-generated templates. In this way, the wood grain in the compositions is always visibly imprinted and not simply reproduced. Even the source photographs, such as pictures from an inventors' fair or the Messel pit, shine through in places. With a sense for large-scale compositions, Genaro Strobel always introduces new colors. This publication compiles a selection of his unique pieces, which are four to ten meters high and seven meters wide and on display at the Kunsthalle Darmstadt.

GENARO STROBEL (*1984, Frankfurt am Main) is the current Charlotte Prince Scholar of the Science City Darmstadt. He finished his studies at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Berlin-Weissensee Art Academy in 2014 through the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. He has participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.
Kunsthalle Darmstadt
March 7–July 11, 2021