Coverbild Anni and Josef Albers
Anni and Josef Albers
By Lake Verea
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Edited by: Karen Stein
Texts by: Lake Verea, Brenda Danilowitz
Graphic Design: Rutger Fuchs
Artist: Anni Albers, Josef Albers, Lake Verea, Anni Albers, Josef Albers, Francisco Rivero-Lake Cortina, Carla Verea Hernández
March 2021 , 192 Pages , 300 Ills.
165mm x 159mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4888-9
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| Pair Constellations
Not only were they two of the outstanding artists of the Bauhaus, but also a well-known couple. Their many famous works and the artists they influenced as teachers and role models bear witness to their life and work. But that is not all, as another ingenious couple literally shows us. The photographer duo Lake Verea has joined forces with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation to trace the material and intellectual traces of their artistic creativity in their estate. Correspondence with Bauhaus colleagues, tubes of paint and fabric fibers are captured with an extraordinary feel and vividness. Seeing the objects gives wings to the imagination. For inevitably, one sees the hands of the artists at work, who formed their very own contribution to 20th century art history from these objects, conversations and trains of thought.

ANNI ALBERS (1899–1994) and JOSEF ALBERS (1888–1976) were both Bauhaus artists in Dessau and Berlin. Together they emigrated to the USA in 1933, where their path led them to Black Mountain College and finally to Bethany. With their textile art and his painting and theory, both left behind an oeuvre that was both independent and influential for later generations.

FRANCISCA RIVERO-LAKE CORTINA (*1973) and CARLA VEREA HERNÁNDEZ (*1978) always appear together as photographers. This, together with their extraordinary eye, makes them one of the most extraordinary and versatile phenomena in contemporary photography. Their works are accordingly represented in the most renowned exhibitions and collections.
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