Psyche als Schauplatz des Politischen

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Edited by: Johan Holten Texts by: Travis Diehl, Thomas Eller, Luisa Heese, Johan Holten, Sudhir Kakar, Michaela Ott, Thomas Röske, Larissa Scheidt, Benedikt Seerieder German, English 2019, 264 Pages, 141 Ills. Softcover 297mm x 210mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4568-0
| From inside to outside

In a globalized world with new methods of communication, social and political processes today are shifting into the most intimate of human spheres. Increasingly, the mind is becoming a political arena. Yet, as universal as this phenomenon may seem, internal landscapes, mental images, and reactions to the external world are culturally influenced. The show at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and its companion catalogue pose the question of how to visualize these various experiences through art. It features works by international contemporary artists who deal with inward perception and its transformation into something external. These works are contrasted with pieces from Prinzhorn Collection, the museum for art by people who have had exceptional psychological experiences.With works by Kader Attia, Heidi Bucher, Omer Fast, Dan Finsel, Samara Golden, Liz Magic Laser, Jim Shaw, Wang Tuo, Jorinde Voigt, and Chen ZheExhibition: 16.3.–16.6.2019, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-BadenIn her drawings JORINDE VOIGT (*1977 in Frankfurt am Main) develops a kind of semantic code that seems extremely subjective and individual, yet is subjected to strict rules and systems. In the process her notations create visual spaces that employ an artistic, philosophical procedure to unfold the world in its fundamental parameters, such as distance, speed, direction, frequency, pop charts, genres, and much more, while at the same time revealing the simultaneity of all these things.