AROTIN & SERGHEI – Infinite Screen From Light Cells to Monumental Installations at Centre Pompidou

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Edited by: AROTIN & SERGHEI Texts by: AROTIN & SERGHEI, Ivan Fedele, Sabine Haag, Ulf Küster, Marie-Eve Lafontaine, Marie-Claudine Llamas, Frank Madlener, Martina Mazzotta, Caroline Messensee, Monika Robescu, Günter Schönberger, Gerfried Stocker, Karine Tissot, Bertrand du Vignaud English 2023, 304 Pages Hardcover 308mm x 248mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-4545-1
| Let there be light! The artist duo's unique light installations

AROTIN & SERGHEI’s Infinite Screen reflects contemporary visuality. As an evolutive inter-medial installation, it investigates the idea of the infinite beyond the limits of our screens, the origins of light and the iconography of digital information. Like luminous and transcendent symphonies of light, their intermedial works of art describe both, the macrocosm and the microcosm of our world, using screens as symbols and portals to infinity within constantly evolving parameters of scientific, mythological, philosophical, and architectural frameworks.
This book retraces the artist’s supraliminal work-in-progress, from the intermedial paintings of red, green, and blue Light Cells—the DNA of today’s visual language—to the monumental installations at Ars Electronica, the Venice Biennale, the Fondation Beyeler, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, and at Centre Pompidou Paris.
Kraftwerk Berlin
Opening and Book Presentation 26.4. 19h