Coverbild Hisachika Takahashi
Hisachika Takahashi
From Memory Draw a Map of the United States
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Texts by: Lucy R. Lippard, Marcia E. Vetrocq
Contributions: Hisachika Takahashi
Graphic Design: Christine Moog
April 2015 , 120 Pages , 0 Ills.
331mm x 284mm
ISBN: 978-3-7757-3972-6
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| The map of America by heart committed to paper with the artistic ease of popular artists
Between 1971 and 1972, a remarkable cross-section of New York’s downtown creative community participated in a collaborative drawing project conceived by Hisachika Takahashi (*1940 in Tokyo), an artist and studio assistant to Robert Rauschenberg. Repurposing a primary school exercise, Takahashi asked each artist to draw a map of the United States from memory. Contributions from the twenty-two participants—among them Jasper Johns, Joseph Kosuth, Brice Marden, Gordon Matta-Clark, Keith Sonnier, and Lawrence Weiner—range from sensitive renderings to visualized reminiscences and sly riffs on the process of mapping. After decades in storage, the drawings came to light in 2013. This publication reproduces the entire series and features comments from participants.  Artists featured (selection): Arakawa, Jed Bark, Mel Bochner, Juan Downey, Alex Hay, Jasper Johns, Joseph Kosuth, Jefrey Lew, Jane Logemann, Brice Marden, Gordon Matta-Clark, Richard Nonas, Robert Petersen, Robert Rauschenberg, Dorothea Rockburne, James Rosenquist, Keith Sonnier, Cy Twombly, Susan Weil, Lawrence Weiner, Robert Whitman, Don Wyman
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