Since 1955, the annual World Press Photo Contest has set the standard in visual journalism. The 2023 Yearbook showcases the most striking press photographs and compelling reports from 2022, carefully selected from thousands of entries by six regional and one global jury of acclaimed independent professionals.

Providing a diversity of perspectives from all over the world, the awarded works bear witness to the events that shaped this past year, and document in long-term projects the ongoing issues we face.

This year’s World Press Photo Contest global winners, chosen from thousands of entrants, highlight the climate crisis, community, war’s impact on civilians, and the importance of press photography around the world.

Global jury chair, New York Times photo editor and co-founder of Diversify Photo, Brent Lewis said: "For me, I was looking for pictures that grab you, and that won't let go. There are images here that let you understand ‘this could be you’. That I can’t get away from. But they also had to represent the world. We saw powerful stories ranging from the conflict in Ukraine, and Afghanistan’s first year under Taliban rule, to oil spillage in Peru and the loss of women’s rights, from the USA to Iran."

The cover of the 2023 Yearbook is the first that doesn’t showcase the World Press Photo of the Year. World Press Photo executive director, Joumana El Zein Khoury, explains: "This is a conscious stance to show our respect towards the victims and our rage against the inhuman loss of lives. With that decision, the choice of the cover picture became obvious. This image says it all: it defies you to look at a young woman of our times, to look at the danger that she is putting herself in to make this photo, but more importantly to understand that she will stop at nothing to get justice for what she deserves and believes her right to be. This cover is not only a testimony against the violence still directed at women in 2022, but more importantly to the incredible courage that they have shown in Iran and around the world. It is a testament to strength." The photograph is taken by Ahmad Halabisaz and was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Asia region.

The 2023 World Press Photo Contest winners cover realities that are often neglected and ignored by mainstream media. They prove that we need to do more to create new angles and perspectives, to 'flip the script.' "This book tries to achieve this in a simple way: we haven’t flipped the script, we flipped the book. Not to be different, but to de-automatize our reading routines. Stealing time from the reader, giving them less opportunity to “look away” and indeed giving the stories more prominence." – Sybren Kuiper, designer of the Yearbook 2023.

April 21, 2023

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