A personal copy - at least for those who react quickly now: Stefan Marx is producing a special "Edition-on-Demand" - consisting of individually dedicated copies of his book Reading the News (2023). Each individual artist's book will be signed by hand by him with your name request. 

The only prerequisite is: be quick, because the online offer runs exclusively until Sunday, September 17, 2023.

At a friendly special price of € 30.00 you will receive your personal book - from a Berlin artist who is also generating international attention. 

Your personal copy is available exclusively at  www.edition-hatjecantz.de. 


Stefan Marx Reading The News


In 2019, Berlin-based contemporary artist Stefan Marx created a series of drawings for a daily column in The New York Times. Now, he has turned his Reading the News series into quite a unique board book. Whether you think of it as an artist’s book, a coloring book, or an inspiring children’s book, it opens up unusual spaces for our imaginations. With just a few concise lines, Stefan Marx cheerful fruit and veg will change your frame of mind about reading the news.

Veröffentlicht am: 14.09.2023