Plan your next excursion and be inspired by art and nature along the Emscherkunstweg! This unique art trail in the Ruhr region stretches along the River Emscher and connects a variety of impressive works of art in public spaces. The artworks are always accessible and invite art lovers, nature lovers and cyclists alike to experience the region in a very special way.

Emscherkunstweg | Hatje Cantz

What is the Emscherkunstweg?

The Emscherkunstweg is an innovative cultural project that emerged from the Emscherkunst Biennale and has been a permanent feature since 2018. It comprises numerous works of art by internationally renowned artists that deal with topics such as the environment, sustainability and the transformation of the industrial landscape. The artworks are placed along the renaturalised River Emscher and offer exciting insights into the transformation of a region that was once heavily characterised by industry.

A special travel guide

A comprehensive publication that works like a travel guide is now available for anyone who wants to find out more about the artworks and artists. The book offers deeper insights into the works and ideas behind the Emscherkunstweg and is a valuable companion for your tour.

Emscherkunstweg | Hatje Cantz

Art and nature in harmony

The Emscherkunstweg impressively demonstrates how art and nature can merge harmoniously. The installations are positioned in such a way that they complement the natural surroundings and at the same time open up new perspectives on the landscape. As all the artworks are installed in public spaces, you can visit the Emscherkunstweg at any time - without paying admission and regardless of opening hours.

Emscherkunstweg | Hatje Cantz

Let's go!!

Grab your bike, pack a picnic and set off on a journey along the Emscherkunstweg. Be enchanted by the combination of art and nature and discover the beauty and creativity of this unique region in the heart of the Ruhr area.

Header image: © Henning Rogge

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